As with any organization, it is necessary to have rules to simplify use of the facility. No activity held on church property may conflict with Heartland's beliefs, constitution, and policies (available upon request). Please be sensitive to the fact that the facilities are used primarily as a place of gathering, worship, and caring by our church family. Any activity that is in direct conflict with any of the aforementioned guidelines is prohibited.


  1. Alcoholic beverages and illegal substances are prohibited anywhere on the property. Tobacco use is prohibited in the church facility or within 50 ft. of the church facility. No one under the influence of alcohol or illegal substances will be allowed to participate in programs or events.
  2. Abusive language and inappropriate behavior is prohibited in the church facility and on church property. It is the responsibility of the primary contact to see that all persons participating in the event are informed concerning these matters.
  3. Those using church facilities must confine themselves to the equipment agreed to under contract. Tables, chairs and equipment are not to be removed from the church facility or moved from the church facility or moved from other rooms and /or areas of the church without expressed permission from the event director.
  4. The Guest/Member using the facilities is responsible for restricting the group to the approved area(s) of the facility.
  5. The church assumes no liability for any personal property brought into the church or on the premises. Every possible effort will be made to protect personal items. However, the church will not be responsible for items lost, stolen or damaged.  It is imperative that money, jewelry and other valuables not be left unattended.
  6. No storage space will be provided for outside groups without prior approval and subject to availability. All property must be brought in and removed the day of the event. Any property left on the premises by those using the facilities will, after a period of thirty (30) days from the last usage, be deemed abandoned and will become the property of the church.
  7. Members of the church staff are not permitted to sign for any outside event and/or related deliveries without prior arrangements by the event director.
  8. The church reserves the right to remove, from the premises, any person(s) failing to abide by the church rules/policies. The conduct of all persons attending programs at the church is expected to be respectful of the environment of the Lord’s House.
  9. When children (under age 18) are in attendance they must at all times be under the control of their parents or adults in charge of the activity and are not permitted to roam freely in the halls or other areas on the church property. All activities involving children must be carefully monitored and supervised by an appropriate number of responsible adults.
  10. Be aware that your group may not be the only group in our facility. Stay in the area that has been designated for your use. If you must move through the facility, be mindful of others using the facilities. Enter the facility at your designated entrance. If sharing the facility, respect others by entering quietly.
  11. Animals will not be brought into any part of the church facility. (Exceptions may be made for church sponsored ministries such as church plays or for service dogs aiding the visually impaired.) Dogs are allowed on the property; owners must clean up after them.
  12. No sales of raffle tickets or other forms of gambling are permitted in or on the church property. Collection of money or admissions is permitted only as approved by the church.
  13. The transfer or passing on assignment of permission to use church facilities to those other than to which the contract was made is strictly prohibited.
  14. Food and drink are generally prohibited in the auditorium. (Exceptions to this policy include bread juice for Communion, church banquets and other activities approved by the church.)
  15. All functions must end and the facility/grounds be vacated by the designated agreed upon time.
  16. Visits to the church, in advance of the event, must be coordinated through the event director.
  17. Use of the church office phones, copier, computers, digital camera and other related equipment is not allowed without the consent of the event director.
  18. The Guest/Member is responsible for any damage to the facility during its use and for extra cleaning required as a result of its use. The church, in its sole discretion, may use the deposit money to defray any damage costs. If the cost of repair exceeds the deposit collected, then the Guest/Member must pay the remaining balance of those costs.


  1. The Guest/Member renting the facilities is responsible and assumes liability for any personal injuries, personal property or damage to the facility and/or equipment. When damage/vandalism or accidents requiring clean up occur, promptly report the damage to the event director and/or church office. Replacement or repair will be at the discretion of the church and will meet the requirements of the church.
  2. No flammable liquids, fire-producing chemicals, pyrotechnic devices, smoke generators and/or open flames in any form may be used on the church property (including candles and heating elements for food) without the written approval of the event director. Fireworks and firearms are not permitted on the church property.
  3. The event director must approve any unusual activities involving the facility/grounds. Such activities may include, but are not limited to, use of fog machine, glitter and use of water other than drinking.
  4. No paints, tapes or glue may be used on the property without the approval of the event director. No structural or non-structural work may be done on the facility without prior approval of the event director.
  5. Do not hang anything from the ceiling, as this is a fire code violation. No nails, thumbtacks, screws or tape may be used to fasten decorations, posters or other items to walls, furniture or equipment. Any decorations, posters, signs, banners, flags, streamers, etc., that you wish to hang on walls, posts, beams, etc., within or outside the church must be pre-approved by the event director.
  6. The doors are secured by a security system. Do not use anything to hold doors open. The event director must be notified of any need to keep entry doors open during non-scheduled times.
  7. All stage scenery or props must be free standing.  No nails, screws or stage hooks may be used without prior approval.
  8. The Guest/Member is responsible for encouraging law and order during their event or obtaining, at their expense, the aid of local law enforcement. All false alarm fees resulting from emergency responses, setting off smoke detectors and other fire/smoke related occurrences are the responsibility of the Guest/Member.


  1. Any advertising, publicity, posters, or other printed material using the name of the church must be approved. Promotional materials, advertising materials, and decorations must have the approval of the church prior to posting/disseminating.
  2. Any advertising, for external events must include a disclaimer that the program is not endorsed or sponsored by the church (this disclaimer is not necessary for wedding materials). The church reserves the right to edit the disclaimer before publication and a copy is to remain in the office.
  3. Any bills, posters, or other printed materials for external events must include the name, phone number, and email address of a contact person from the Guest. Apart from the date and time of event, the church staff will not be responsible for communicating the details of any scheduled event.

Kitchen Use

  1. All requests to use the kitchen must be submitted to the event director for approval.
  2. Take everything you brought with you and do not leave any food, containers, condiments, etc., that you brought to the kitchen.
  3. Kitchen facilities are available for food and beverage warming ONLY. COOKING IS NOT PERMITTED.
  4. All property in the kitchen including (but not limited to) silverware, dishes, pots, pans, coffee makers, linens, must remain in the facility. The Guest/Member is required to supply their own linens, dinnerware, silverware, pots, pans and other utensils unless expressly agreed to prior to use.
  5. Clean/Wipe off the counters, stovetop, chairs and appliances.
  6. All dishtowels are to be placed over the sink to dry.
  7. Securely tie all garbage bags and place garbage in lined receptacles provided.
  8. The floor must be swept thoroughly.
  9. Under no circumstances is red or grape punch to be served in any areas of the church facilities without prior approval. Groups causing stains on the carpet/floors with these drinks will be billed for the cleaning or replacement of stained carpet/floors.
  10. If the facility is left in a condition requiring more than the routine clean up, the Guest/Member will be charged a fee for any clean up needed beyond the standard fees (e.g. outside/professional cleaning service help). The facilities should be left in the same or better condition than at the beginning of usage.
  11. Before the premises are vacated, the Guest/Member must check that:
  • Restrooms are clean and no water is left running.
  • All rooms used are left clean. Any equipment used is cleaned and returned to its designated location(s).
  • Garbage and trash have been put in plastic bags, securely sealed and placed in the lined receptacles provided and/or the dumpster.

By clicking the link below, I accept the statements in this Facility Usage Policy and agree to abide by them.